and I've just been teaching myself while I was at college and now while im at home during summer break. This might be a weird question, but about what do you think my level of skill should be? Do any of you remember about how far you were at this point?
theres no real way to gauge that. people learn at different speeds. It also depends on how much you practice in a day and how often. set some goals or something. Are you coming along as well as youd like to be?
Don't fret (pardon the pun!) about this -- just keep practicing with a metronome or along to your favourite music. Wishing you were further along won't get you there, but effective practice will.
Practice habits can exponentially multiply your progress or hold them back considerably. Just blindly putting time in won't make you better- how that time is spent will determine how much you progress. If you can't figure out how to spend that time, a teacher can't hurt. If you can, keep doing what you're doing.