I bought an ibanez GSR200 as my first bass a few months from guitar center after having been playing guitar for several years. My inexperience with problems with my instruments prevents me from having any idea at all what is wrong with it or how to fix it.

What happpened was around the beginning of summer it was playing great. Sometime in June I picked it up and nothing. No sound, just static noise. This happened completely out of nowhere. I tried with different cables in different amps. The same thing happened. I forgot about it through most of summer because I was too busy to play. Now I've tried again. At first it was fine. That lasted thirty seconds give or take. Then a strange quick heartbeat like sound started whenever I would pluck a string. THe tone seemed to be fadin in and out extremely quickly. At times even when I'm not playing anything that will continue. On occasion I still get just static. I've tried all I think I can do with my limited knowledge which is just try to clean the jack, but there was no change.

Just a sidenote. I don't know if it's important of not, but, I didn't have the money to buy the amp and the bass at the same time. I mostly bought the bass to play in a band because I wanted to start one and there are a thousand guitaraists that I know, but no one who plays bass. I had been playing either through my stereo, or through my guitar amp on a low volume. I don't know if that could have contributed to the problem. The same thing happens when I polay it in both, so I know the problem is the bass.

Thanks in advance for your help
The GSR series basses are known to have shitty electronics.

Replacing the pots and the output jack will be required.
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Also before doing anything drastic, try replacing the battery. That may be part of the problem. I have the same bass (it hasn't done anything like yours yet) but the first thing I would try is to replace the battery
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sounds like the battery dead like he said my school had the same problem with ther gcr it the pre amp i think that needs the battery if not take it to a shop
I'll try the battery. I looked at the owners manual on the ibanez website and it said that any time something is in the jack the battery is using power, and I was certainly guilty of keeping my bass plugged in when I wasn't playing it. At the moment the only 9 volt battery I have isn't very good, but also isn't totally dead so it might work enough for me to tell if the battery is the problem.

THe place where the battery is has turned out to be a pain to get open. I took the screws out but it either has some sort of design flaw making it difficult to remove even without screws or there is some sort of glue under it. I'll break out the hair dryer and see if that helps. If all else fails I don't think I'll mind scratching up the back of a bass that I only spent 150 bucks on.

I'll update you once I know for sure if it's the battery or not.
ummmm i have a gsr200 as well.....i dont recall there being active electronics in mine. though i got mine about 10 years ago
They now have active electronics.

Problem solved. I replaced the battery after 30 minutes of trying to find ways to open up the battery compartment. I finally just found the best screwdriver I could and pried it open causing some battle scars to my bass. Thanks for the help.