Greetings fellas, this is going to be one of my first posts on the UG community, after lurking around for a few years I have finally decided to register and hop on the bandwagon.

I'm having a little bit of trouble trying to nail some tones on the HM-2. I tried cocking it up in front of the 5150's clean channel, and with the ''all knobs dimed'' setting it is instant Entombed/Dismember-ish Sunlight Studios chainsaw tone indeed.

But I'm curious about the Fredman Studios tone that was used in the Jester Race, The Gallery, Whoracle albums. I know that In Flames used the amp in front of an old marshall valvestate (the ones that did not suck, I think 8080 or 8100 ?) and I'm really trying to achieve that tone, but I guess the guitar tracks have a heavy post-eq editing... Any advices on this one ?

And the Bloodbath tone, not the tone on RTC but more like the one on Nightmares Made Flesh... Is that a HM-2 in front of a JCM800 crunch channel? What settings did they probably use? I fiddled a lot with the knobs, but the tones that I got close were only the chainsaw tone and the Hail of Bullets tone from On Divine Winds...

Thanks a lot from now on, and sorry for teh wall of text.
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Well honestly you probably are better off with the 5150s distortion.
If you REALLY want that tone you need the 8100 to achieve it. If i remember right it has a lot to do with the contour knob on the amp dialing in the sound.
Oh. Yeah the 5150 is very nice for modern sounds, but I really wanted to nail those two tones i've mentioned.

The tone on TJR/Whoracle does have the sharp mids and highs of the HM-2, but its nothing like a chainsaw, it does not have that roaring razorlike shriek that the pedal does, I guess its due to the contour knob like you said.
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