I'm trying to run Pro Tools 7 on a computer that has 368mb of ram and It keeps telling me to increase the buffer size which is at max. Anyway I can get this computer to record 4 tracks at once?
My old one got stolen and my band is trying to get these 2 songs recorded so we can release a Split on this indie label. It had 128mb before I stole more from other crap computers laying around
pt 7 requires at least 512mb or ram to run with at least a gig recommended do you live around fl i could record it for ya im pro tools certified
pro tools operator certified
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@Weirdbag None of them have a desktop computer which sucks.

@Selkies We live in Virginia, I have all the equipment to record with Pro Tools except the computer
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...I have all the equipment to record with Pro Tools except the computer

That's like having everything to drive a Ferrari except the engine...
Either install more RAM, or get a new machine altogether. Realistically, you should have a minimum of at least 2GB of RAM if you're looking to record. Just saying.

What OS is it running? Windows 3.1?
I couldn't find any ram at BestBuy that was compatible with it. I'm going to use a different pc with 1gig of Ram. Would this be able to record 4 mics at once?

Also, the OS is Windows Xp