Hi everybody, i put these super pups to my Epiphone Dot Studio (Mahogany Body), and i can tell you that is an amazing, amazing, amazing sound, warm, bassy, screaming, with body like a real Gibson, and i have a ES 335 too, and is better, nut no a huge difference, they are very close. i want to to know if somebody has done this, and what is your opinion or and if im deaf.
I think you should have taken the 57s out of your gibson and put some better pickups in there. The 57s are not great pickups. I don't think it's any revelation that Gibson pickups will make an Epi sound closer to the real thing, but most of the time a Gibson 335 is a whole lot nicer from a playability/quality standpoint as much as tone vs. an Epiphone. Semi- and hollow-body guitars tend to have a much bigger quality gap than electrics across that price range.
Depending on what amp you're playing through, how good your ear for guitar tone is and if that 335 you are talking about is a real Gibson or not, you might hear the difference or not.
I've heard that the Dot is a decent guitar for the money, however, I can't imagine any guitar sounding just almost like/almost as good as a guitar which costs 3 or 4 times as much.
I agree with you, but the other half o a amazing sound is in the player, anyway i think is a good option, upgrade guitars, especially the guitars that are well constructed with good woods.
Thanks for your opinion