So I'm going off to college in a few weeks, and I figured it was about time to pull the trigger on that amp upgrade I've been telling myself I'd do. I've been looking for something that could be played at a college dorm level, and also do shows. I found a rebel 20 head/cab combo on my local craigslist, how do you think that would do? I saw that it's got switchable wattages/voltages, so that could help with volume control while still getting some saturation.

Also, this is the kind of stuff I normally play (it's my originals, so it's a pretty good indication). First is lighter end, second is heavier end (just paying attention to the guitars)


Thanks in advance, and if you've got any other recommendations that might be better, I'd appreciate it.
While I know this isn't the response you wanted, I can't tell you about the amp, but are you sure that would work for your college dorm? I'm not sure if you've done your research about what you're allowed to take with you yet, but it really all depends. My RA found out I had one and made me take it back home (we aren't allowed to have any), but it just depends on what the policies are of where you're going. Sorry to detract from the topic, but I just wanted to bring that possibility to your attention, since it sounds like you're getting it for the main purpose of taking it to college with you, and so you don't end up facing any disappointment if you're told you can't have it with you.
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You might have some issue getting the gain tone you want without an OD... your tone doesn't strike me as the Egnater gain i heard when I tested the amp.

Also remember that the Rebel is a single channel amp, so switching between cleans and gain might be an issue on stage without pedals.

You might have some tweaking to do or some tube swaps to get the chime in the clean channels, but I think the Rebel should serve you well tone wise.

From my experience with college gigs, the Rebel will have sufficient volume and headroom for a bar gig.
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