A while back I posted a song on here that sounded like crap because I had to rush and get it done (school project). So, now that I've had some time, I've redone it with the software I wanted to use in the first place, and with better lyrics. Tell me what you think of it! And while you're at it, post some C4C links, I haven't done a few of those in a while

"Take Its Place" by Hold Fast Hope/Corbin Herd on SoundCloud
Good piano intro...a bit of industrial noises I now hear. Yes, this does remind me of NIN (a compliment). A bit heavy for my taste, but I think it's well done. Glad the vocals are not any more intense than they already are. Guitar playing & tone fit the song (good). Drums are good too. Please review my music at this link:

WOW ... thats quiet a LOT of compression u used in this song (hehe) ... the refrain part is realy catchy ... i like it so far ... soundwise it s quiet industrialesque but a tad too much compression the guitars and bass bury the drums completly ... maybe they are a little too scooped ?? but overall this is some good stuff ... the layering of the vocals was not my piece of cake and seemed a bit out of timing but that is vocals (hehe) ... the rest was good for this genre ... not too heavy for my taste this genre could live with some heavier acts ...

i would buy it if it gets some better production ... for the songwriting, programmin, playing and the vocals i d say REALY GOOD ... the production could be redone for my taste

for c4c this is mine https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1465076

Greatz M
Decent intro, interesting sounds, has a very menacing menacing feel. That strange distorted noise through the verses, gives it a kinda paranoid, scary vibe. Nice and heavy throughout. The ending is abrupt, but it fits just perfectly. Vocals style suits the song well. As has been said, the NIN influence is noticeable. Good work.
The intro reminds me of a combination of Dream Theater, BTBAM and Fear Factory. Very eerie and mechanical as I'm sure others have said.

Love when the guitars come in, how exactly did you record them?

The vocals could be a bit clearer in places, and maybe use a different mic because the EQing sounds a bit off. The actual vocals themselves I love.

Also really like when the drums speed up towards the end.

Very nice piece, good job

ok lets do this. Good anticipation building up, this is a beautiful SOUNDSCAPE , PULSATING PIANO, very nice pedal tone. I LUV the noise thing happening in the right channel. YOUR DRUMS are..... NOT WITH US?! They should PUNCH THE FACE OFF THE LISTENER. The VOCALS are lost in the mix unfortunately, and find the performance could be a bit more GIVING to the audience. The MUSICAL ideas are very strong VERY STRONG, but the way this is leveled and MIXED , things aren't coming out right. I WONDER WHY the thing in the right channel is the loudest aspect to the whole mix? TAKE AL ITTLE MORE TIME on the mix and you will be so happy you did it. BE PROUD of the song you wrote, because it has GREAT attention to detail

Return da luv my bruv!

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I love you all no matter what.
I dig it, i'd probably take high end from the kick and less lows on the guitars, to give it some extra thump. Some reverb on the snare wouldn't go a miss and on the beeping sound on the right side.

Good job though, i like the style, sort of like a really NIN as said before haha
Thanks for my Critic...

I am writing as I am listening..

The piano sounds great and I am diggin the beeping noising... This track gives off a kinda of "dying" feel. Like, It feels like Im slowly dieing and it coming down to the last few minutes and the beeping it like a heart monitor inside of my head... then the quietish distorted guitar sounds great with that whole idea... And the vocals are great, It really moves you through the calm bit, into the quicker bit..

Defiantly could imagine myself crawling through the rain on a dark road with blood all over my face and a broken leg and a burning car behind me, as if i just flipped my car after Ive just been chased by someone bad... and im trying to crawl to safety but it just gets worse and wrose.. and i cant get away!

So, yeah, good job on this!
I'm not sure what to think of this. There's some bad mixed in with the good.

The song structure is good. The intro piano is good. I'm neutral about the industrial noises. They're cool, but got a bit repetitive. Your vocals are good and interesting for the most part, but they sound muffled if you know what I mean. I think your screams could use a little more practice. I don't really like the part at around 2mins where you did the overdubs.

It's like a NIN, Depeche Mode, and Pantera got together to make a song. It's an interesting song, but I feel that all the different elements don't mesh together well. Keep working at it.

hope this helps