Hello, all!

So, I am completely new to the world of recording (minus the knowledge that plugging a guitar amp straight into the computer is bad. (It was an eMachine, so don't worry O.o)). Anyway, I just got a brand new laptop (yay) with an I-5 and all the fun stuff (including an interface). The issue that I'm having is this: whenever I plug in my interface and begin to record, it still red-lines the inputs as if it were straight into the mic port. I am running a Lexicon Alpha that I bought second hand. Is there software I'm missing and if so where can I get it? Also, whenever I plug my interface in, the computer doesn't recognize it any farther than a "USB device".
I found it! Thank you. I tried going to the website at first, but all I could find was the "buy it now" option.