Although we still have a Bass guitarist spot to fill I got a drummer which is almost always the hardest damn part. I just wanted to say that even though I've played guitar for almost 11 years now I am worried maybe there are a few things that I am going to be shitty at.

Is there anything I should know before I get into this shit? I am a good guitar player by all means of the word but do you guys have any tricks and whistles that I should know about? I've got a ME-250 and a decent amp. I am going to have to learn how to go from PLAYING the guitar with a pick in a rifflike manner then GOING to finger tapping and then BACK to the pick. I know that holding the pick with the middle finger is what you're supposed to do but I'm worried its gonna fall out of my hand right in the middle of the ****ing song because guitar picks are FIDGETY little bastards sometimes. You cannot tell me bands nowadays do not have an IMMEDIATE backup plan for dropping a pick that ISNT the pocket on the guitar strap (takes a little too long it'd be hugely noticable in a fast song it seems to me).

I've heard some people use their pick guard to hold spares but I am playing a right handed guitar LEFT handed (its strung left too like hendrix, damn being left handed...) so I dont think I'd be able to pull that off. Also, are there any ways you guys combat getting the pick slippery with finger oil? I've used a three hole puncher and it worked okay but not too great. Is there a place I can get that glue that they put on some peices of mail to smear on the pick? Would that shit even work? I am all ears here.

I drop my pick a little here and there but it ALMOST always seems to happen when I am really getting into the groove of a song or getting RIGHT to the solo OH GREAT THE GODDAMN PICK fell into the acoustic hole again are you ****ing kidding me.....?
Erm, most people keep holding the pick normaly and just tap with the middle finger
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With the pick issue, I drill little holes in my picks so they don't slip. I don't think that putting sticky stuff on it is the way to go - really isn't going to help you to do that.

Man, your post is kind of scattered...as far as other advice I will tell you up front I've jammed with friends a lot, never played a gig so my advice isn't exactly the voice of experience. I have one of those little pick holder/dispenser things on the back of the headstock on one of my guitars and that seems to work okay. Those things like Vai uses would be even better - it is almost like a pressure clip on his guitar with picks, I think.

Really, if you're still getting a band together when you guys play together a little you are going to get to confront your problems and work them out for the most part before you get on a stage, so not a lot of other advice I can think to give you.
Calm down and pick it up off the floor.
I just pretend I'm holding a pick and use my fingernail until I can.

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I drop my pick a little here and there but it ALMOST always seems to happen when I am really getting into the groove of a song or getting RIGHT to the solo OH GREAT THE GODDAMN PICK fell into the acoustic hole again are you ****ing kidding me.....?

you sir, are a neurotic bitch.

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Originally Posted by OneOfaKind

Why don't people keep hold of the pick and tap using the index finger...there's nothing stopping you from extending your index finger so the pick slides a little further up it allowing you to do whatever tapping you like. Saves so much hassle over doing crazy hand acrobatics to get the pick inbetween your palm and middle finger.
I don't tap much but when I do I use my ring finger most of the time. And about dropping picks, they make pick holders that stick to your guitar AND pick holders that slide on mic stands.
Settle down and remember to have fun with it.
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I plan on it. I'm pretty excited. I've never had a band despite the fact I've pretty much been immersed in everything music since I was... hell like 7 or 8 when I started piano lessons. Its just going to be a rush finally getting to play with people who are NOT ****ing morons (like the guy I had to deal with today...)

Now for your listening pleasure I'm going to explain this:

This guy I've gone to high school says he wants to sing for me. I have no car, he's gotta pick me up to get to the drums and the bassist. I walk uphill 2 miles to the nearest church and wait for him to pick me up (its 110 outside). HES AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE.

Okay, fine, whatever, I'll just play guitar out in the sun. HE PICKS ME UP AT THE WRONG PLACE (he's half a mile away when he calls). I walk even further to an abandoned mall and he picks me up. Guess where we went? RIGHT BACK TO MY HOUSE (he says the other guys can't make it). I'm absolutely doused in sweat and skin is peeling off my back right now. Okay, THIS GUY BETTER BE A GOOD SINGER!

I have told him REPEATEDLY that I play an acoustic guitar but have an electric I can use. He wants me to play RAP. O...kay uh, can't really think of any rap songs on an acoustic guitar. When I finally find a nonrap song for him to sing along (black by pearl jam) he COMPLETELY ****ing messed it up. Like we're talking TRAIN WRECK messed up too, not just forgot a word or got off track somehow. No. HE STARTED singing halfway through the song (I HAD THE LYRICS ****ING WRITTEN DOWN IN FRONT OF HIM) for starters, then once I finally figured out where the hell he was he goes to the BEGINNING of the goddamn song. I'm like what the ****? We try another song. Rooster by Alice in Chains. He says he liked 80s grunge better... okay whatever. We try yet another sound and I cannot BELEIVE this mother****er had me waste 4 hours of my Friday with this shit.

Oh, this is the best part. At first he was too emberassed to sing. I HAD TO WARM my own goddamn singer up by singing in front of him so he wouldn't be so nervous. I HAD TO DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Then he tells me about sometime he was kicked out of a local community college for GOING AFTER A GIRL WITH A TIRE IRON. That was pretty much the point where I pointed at the door and said GET THE **** OUT.
I just cannot for the life of me beleive that I had to make him feel comfortable to sing. It took like 5 songs too. A singer should ALWAYS be ready to go right off the bat. How the hell would we have done concerts if he was good? Ask everyone in the audience to turn around the otherway while he sings?! I couldn't make this SHIT UP!
Yeah it was pretty much like a slap in the face that I spent half my day waiting for his ass. Ouch.
Pick holders, tap with your middle finger, find a singer who isn't a shithead. Problems le solved.