Hey guys,

I have a Visual Sound Route 66 and I like it very much but I'm considering on getting a Jekyll & Hyde also because it's The Strokes pedal, I'm kind of obsessed with their gear...

But I don't know, is it worth it ? I already have a Route 66 which has the same OD but the distortion looks nice!

Any thoughts?
Id try it out, can't realky hurt to look now can it. Unless you plan on on using 2 od settings you might wanna look into a son of hyde distortion I would test that thoughly first if you plan on buying new. If your willing to go used you can find a jekyll and hyde fairly cheap. Its not the holy grail of distortions but its pretty versital but for under a $100 usd you can do far far worse. Also is your route 66 a v1 or v2 because there is a slight diffrence between the difference between the two in the overdrive and for some reason lets say you had a v2 route 66 and bought a v1 you could have two slightly differet od's which isn't neccesarly s bad thing.
Eh, similar overdrive isn't really worth the extra $50ish you'd pay for the J&H. I say go for the Son of Hyde since it's the exact distortion off of a J&H.
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yeah my route 66 is a V2 an the J&H i'm planning on buying is a used V1 for 50usd.
I can't try it out it's on internet
In that case, just buy it. For only $50 I say it's worth the gamble. Then you can stack overdrives/distortion lol.
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I'd buy poop from him.
Okay thanks a lot
I should put the J&H after the Route 66 right ? Because the Rout 66 has compression so it should be first in the chain?
Yeah, so it'd go Guitar - Route 66 - J&H - Amp.
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I'd buy poop from him.
don't get the jekyll and hyde v1

they have more noise than the v2, the v2 chasis is much stronger, and they actually sound worse than the v2.