Hi guys, I'm a web developer from the United States. A guy promised me some tabs in exchange for a website where one can request custom tabs. He didn't follow through on his half of the deal so the site is up for trade for a couple tabs.

Here's what it looks like.


Tabs page:

The site is 100% CSS, so you can customize whatever headers and other stuff you'd like. It's got a basic javascript e-mail validity checker, and a database for submitted forms.

I'd like about 4 tabs in exchange, please reply if interested.

- Artie =)
Why would anyone use this website? UG has a much larger community with a lot more free working tabbers. Also, it's pretty poorly designed.

I would except this sort of thing to be on a free CSS template website. Not much design gone into it all.

I'd recommend working on the design a bit more, even just the little details such as font, form (the whole form needs work IMO) and also set up the PHP side of things. If I knew nothing about web design/development, the last thing I want to do is to get this site design, then have to look for a PHP developer! You may already have PHP set up, but you haven't mentioned it.

Also, what tabs are you actually after? just any 4 tabs?