I've seen a bunch of these threads in my stay here, so I thought I might review some of the gear I played during my trip to guitar center today, I hope this is in the right place!


Gibson Limited Run SG Special 60's Tribute (800 USD):

Quite a long name, but this is a nice instrument. Dual P-90's, and a selection of worn finishes, which cover the neck, which is still very smooth and quite playable. The P-90's sounded excellent with the pedals I was using(Boss compression sustainer, tremolo, reverb, OC-3) but I didn't really delve into distorted tones that much, so I can't say much about that. Overall, it's a nice, solid guitar with good hardware, and is very playable, I would recommend it.

Melody Maker SG (540 USD):

Full scale SG, with a single 491T ceramic-magnet humbucker, with a single volume control, and a pretty playable neck. The rig I was playing it through is the same as what was listed above(I had no clue on the amp, it was built into the pedal board/station thing). It's a solid instrument, but my only complaint was that the humbucker sounded pretty weak at points, but it's a good guitar for the player on a budget who wants a legitimate MIA Gibson.

Fender Standard Stratocaster w/tremolo (500 USD):

I've played these often at GC, and it really is a great instrument. 3 single coils, with the generic 1 volume, 2 tone control and five way switch, and a tremolo bridge. The single coils really had character, and sounded nice and bright, with a nice bouncy twang to boot, it really sounded excellent. In short, despite being a bit weighty, it's a great guitar that covers a lot of different styles.

Godin 5th-Avenue Kingpin (700 USD):

This axe was by far my favorite! It's made in Canada with a single P-90, and a volume control as well as tone. It had a wonderful hollow body sound, and was pretty playable, despite the fact that you can only go to the 15th fret or so, but it just sounded great, and with a great price too, but without compensation on build quality, so if you're looking for a blues/jazz/country guitar, I'd recommend it fully.


Boss Compression Sustainer (90 USD):

A really great compression pedal, all metal. It could deliver a nice, sharp, clear tone, and round out volume as well. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Boss Tremolo (110 USD):

A very nice pedal, again all metal, just a teeny bit pricey considering what it is. It could make some very nice suttle effects for country, blues, or surf, so if you need a tremolo pedal, I'd say go for this one.

Morely Contour Wah (134 USD):

This pedal certainly looked and felt great, considering its forgiving size, but I just did not like its sound at all, and it seemed very limited in tone, and at that, the price was just a deal-breaker, especially when I could just get a legitimate Dunlop for 70 dollars. I'd say it's a no-go.

Well, thanks for reading everyone!
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