I have a crappy little Mannix B-30 :/ I only bought it cause I needed a bass amp. But It's crap, so I was looking to get a big amp that I wouldn't need to replace for a while. And I saw there was: Cabbinets, Heads and Combos... I felt like getting a cabinet. but do I need a head to go with it? Or could I get one without the other? I just don't wanna spend too much money and I know if I got both it would be expensive. but If I have to, I have no choice..
Yes, you will need both. But unless your out playing shows and stuff, you probably don't need a cab. A combo would do just fine for household practice.
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with a cab you NEED a head.

best getting a combo, they're often cheaper and just as good at low volumes.
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I won't repeat what others have said. I have a Gallien-Krueger MB-112 200 watt combo and it's pretty sick man. Not huge, and it doesn't weigh a freaking ton either. Best part it was around 300 bucks.
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Gallien Kreuger or a used Peavey combo are great options, I think people hate these, but I got a fender BXR 200 as my first real amp and I loved it, but it was just to heavy and awkward to carry it when I went out to play.
head: the part of the amplifier that does the amplifying and tone shaping.
cab: the part of the amplifier that holds the speakers.
combo: a style of amplifier that contains both a head and a cab.
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