whatever it is it's ****ing terrible

it seems to me it might just be a fast recovery, though after it the audio/visual seems weirdly unsynched, might just be the shitty camera, actually i didn't see the rhythm guitarist
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Despite being pretty bad, I think it's a fast recovery. Listening to the guitars in the beginning of the vid, it sounds like there's amp feedback when they're doing the broken up palm mutes.

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Ya it is hard to tell because of the quality.

The thing is he fell right in the middle of a bend (if it was in the middle of some shred part it would be easier to tell). You can hear a slightly fudged note followed by some tremelo picked notes, followed by some sloppy notes, and then a full recovery back to the original.

The only thing bothering me is that the tremolo picking starts while he is falling. Does that sound reasonable?

Edit: ^^That's a good point you made with the feedback. That never happens with playback right?
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