I have been wanting a telecaster recently ever since I played one at a guitar store, I've found them to be unexpectedly comfortable and now I'm GASing hard for one.

My budget is $1000 (maybe slightly more if needed), however, I live in Egypt so the possibility of trying out these instruments are impossible. However, I'll have a friend bring them over from the US, so shipment isn't a problem.

Anyways, I'd like a versatile Tele capable of multiple styles of music. From Progressive/Post Rock/Metal (Isis, Cynic, Opeth, Pink Floyd) to Alternative Rock (Radiohead, Alice in Chains, Alter Bridge, Dredg, My Bloody Valentine). Basically, should go from excellent Cleans to Mid-Gain.

These are the ones I'm thinking about:





I like the first one a lot, and it has gotten plenty of positive reviews, but I'm not sure if it's suited for my needs, or if there are any faults with it that I don't know. It just seems too good to be true. The American one is the default I would have gotten, and the others seem interesting with their semi-hollow bodies and pickup combinations.

Thank you for your time.
This is going to sound crazy, but from what you've described, the John 5 signature telecaster would be perfect. The Squier version would be well below your budget, but I've gigged with one for awhile and it hasn't failed me yet. I can't speak for the Fender versions, but I don't see myself ever getting rid of mine.

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Cool, looks interesting. I'll check it out, even though I'll probably go for the Fender one if so. Thanks for the input.
How come? I know the american standard would be the best in terms of build quality since it's made in America, but why do you think so?

I like the features on the others, and I think I could obtain some interesting tones out of them.
Well I've never played any of the others.

But I'm your right, the build quality is better and so is the choice of wood. I wouldn't get the thinlines, its not really for your genre. I've never even seen the first one though. And if you don't get the oppurtunity to play both, I wouldn't take a chance. The amer std is always a reliable choice.
My favourite tele is the MIJ 62 reissue, but I don't see it there

However for your needs I reckon a Schecter PT might be a good shout.

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G&L ASAT, kills all the models you listed by QC alone.
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You could always hax in a single coil for the neck?
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