Green Tags & Cards (GT&C) is a green printing company comprised of environmentally conscious, creative professionals with years of experience in the fields of printing, design and customer service. GT&C is a subsidiary Golden Card Printing Co. Ltd, which have more than 20 years printing experiences on plastic card. We offer you impeccable customer service by providing high-quality products, well designed environmentally friendly cards and reasonable prices that just can’t be beaten

In 2009, we have developed a new eco-printing system for producing plastic cards and key tags, and have been successfully convinced 13.6% of our existing PVC card clients switch using Eco-friendly cards within 2 years. In the beginning of 2011, our second factory has been located in Xiamen, which dedicatedly printing recyclable card and tags

Recyclable and Biodegradable Material
Would you like to try something different? What about printing on recycled card, or for something a little different? It’s here. All of our products are printed on 100% recycled material. We've chosen to use PETG, PET, PP Teslin as core and laminated material. They are all Certified Recycled Material.

Clean Manufacturing Guaranteed
Instead of using Litho printing, we use Digital printer for card and tag production. Unlike lithographic printing, neither artwork film nor printing plates are required. We make sure that there is less waste of chemicals substance and waste. Moreover, digital printing process is generally better for smaller print runs that may require a very fast turnaround.

Go Green Idea – Print On Demand
With On Demand Printing, your short run or variable items are printed only when needed. The minimum order quantity for traditional PVC cards is normally 500pcs. Small or new business may require good quality but entry-level order quantity membership cards. Our services can satisfy your any requirement, from short run to project based. Besides, we control our production time within 3-5 days so client can place order while keeping low card stock in their office.

Doing our part for the earth
We understand the importance to you of reducing your carbon footprint and we want to help. Green Tags & Cards are committed to saving the environment, and doing our part to help ensure responsible environmental stewardship. Our aim is not only simply offering you environmentally friendly promotional items; but also the whole eco-printing solution and green idea. This means that any product that you buy from us, goes green which are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. We believe that it’s important and hope you too.