Hey guys!

So a friend of a friend's aunt is a talent scout for a small label out of California, proven to actually be legit. Said friend has gotten me an opening to give her a drum demo, and she'll actually look at it.

So... I need your help! I'd like to get some input on what you guys think would be some impressive songs to cover. I'm shooting for probably 5-7 songs covering a variety of music. Not just metal, and Rush covers. I've been playing for quite a few years, so I think most of the mid-tier advanced drums are do-able for me.

Ideally, I'd like to do a song from 5 different genre's. I have a wide taste in music, the only thing I've never really looked into that would be difficult for me is your advanced Jazz, and stuff with crazy time changes (See LTE. lol)

Your suggestions would be most helpful and appreciated!

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try a song called swag by the qemists; despite what you hear its not a drum machine, and uh you could always do frankenstien by edgar winter, and from what my drmmer says image of the invisible by thrice is pretty impressive to play, also a song called brianfog by static-x, have fun with that one...
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play the drum parts for Guthrie govan songs he has many that are jazz fusion with strange time signatures that would be impressive
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Maybe try some CKY? Jess Margera is a really underrated drummer, some of their songs have pretty complicated drum patterns. To be honest, they're probably a little easier than what you're looking for, but damn if they wouldn't sound good.

Like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aalv9jWd6yk&ob=av3e around 1:20, this really interesting groove starts up.
Play a variety, so System of a down chop suey, 311 hey you, steel pulse roller skates, erykah badu turn me away, amy winehouse you know im no good.
Primus have some pretty interesting stuff drum wise.

Also, Ties that band, We Don't care anymore or Metalinus by Alter Bridge

No One Knows, First it Giveth or A Song for The Dead by Queens of the Stone Age

Lonely Train by Black Stone Cherry maybe? That's always fun to play, like their other song Shape of Things
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The Police might be a good one to do, throw some reggae into the mix. Any Stewart Copeland stuff really

I don't know to many Police songs, but something like Walking on the Moon might be cool, got some polyrhythms and some nice reggae grooves.
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Check out The Mad Data Race by Spastic Ink (really shreddy)

However, I feel stuff like this would be more pertinent:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIbQUQpxFW8 (drum machine in the song but I'm 97% sure everything is entirely playable by a human)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55CH_8YOBQc (this is like a +rep for the Primus suggestion, Tim Alexander is wonderfully skilled)

Deftones and System of a Down have a lot of stuff that would be good for this too I think. Digital Bath and War? would probably be what I'd pick, in that situation. Pretty much any hip hop ever is really fun to drum to, and in situations like that, the impress aspect would be more how you play as opposed to what you play

Also, pretty much anything will leave an impression on people that aren't drummers or even musicians as long as you look like you're having fun and play with confidence and power. Merely playing the song accurately is just one half of the equation IMO. Like, anybody could learn a given song, but not everybody could play it like you, if you know what I mean. Giving thought to stuff like that will really help set you apart, which is crucial especially when trying to pitch yourself, so to speak.
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Do what Stewart Copeland did once:

"Now I'm going to do something very few drummers in the world can do:"

He then plays a simple drum beat for 4 minutes straight, completely steady time and no fills/etc. whatsoever.

Now, THAT is impressive.
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