i currently have a danelectro cool cat fuzz, TC electronics nova repeater, and a danelectro cool cat vibe pedal and I am looking to upgrade all three of them.

1. I am looking at the Barber dirty bomb. Does anyone have any experience with this pedal? I want a metal tone, but i don't want to play metal. I just want something that sounds heavy. I love adam jones' guitar tone and am going for something in that vain. I want something that has some edge and grit, with plenty of low end and good presence.

2. I am ditching my nova repeater because it produces some unwanted noise in my signal, I dont like the button layout, and I really don't use many of the features it comes with. The mod/vibrato isn't that great and it's hard to achieve a good balance between the feedback and FX level. I might play with it a little more, but I want my carbon copy back. or a malekko echo 616? Or is there another digital delay that I should give a chance before I go back to analog?

3. finally, I am looking for a flanger/phaser type pedal. It can be a combo, but more important is the flanger (again, think tool). I am considering an electro harmonix small clone. Is there a difference between the different color versions? Are there other flangers you guys think I should try besides the clone?

to conclude, my budget is flexible, but I would like to spend maybe 100 dollars on each one. I have selling/trade value in a couple of my pedals (OCD, Repeater), and I will probably take advantage of that. Also I want a whammy pedal. Someone give me one.

Thanks in advance for advice on any or all of the points above.
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I had the DB, great distortion. I did a review on my blog with a little demo vid a while ago.


Theres plenty of bass, its got in an internal trim pot for controling the sub frequencies. Plenty of deffinition.