So, I have been bashing about on my crappy acoustic for a few months now and inevitably have reached its limitations so am looking into getting a new one.

The requirements are electro-acoustic, less than £300 - I play mostly strum along easy songs but am beginning to play a little blues and finger picking.

Here is a list of ones I have seen
Takamine EG260C
Takamine EG440SC
Yamaha APX 500II
Yamaha APX 700
Fender CD-140SCE

Any advice greatly received!
My main advice is go with your gut. Do not buy anything unless you absolutely want it. There are thousands of guitars and for most of them there will be someone who loves it to death and some stuck up guy who says it is crap because hes been playing martins his whole life or something. Basically everyone wants a nice sounding and pretty guitar, but after that it is usually a personal preference of what you like best.

As for the specific models, I can't help you. I have never shopped for an acoustic-electric guitar before and have only played a few. Look at reviews of the guitars online and make sure there are no major problems. Also, make sure that the guitar has good tuners because being able to tune up in about 60 seconds is very nice.
Both Takamine and Yamaha are good brands to go with. In your price range, though, Yamaha is usually considered to be about the best you can get. They have good quality control and just know how to put together a guitar properly.

That being said, all guitars have a few differences in their sound and feel. If you're looking at these guitars specifically, I couldn't stress more how important it is that you go out and play all of them. Back to back, if its at all possible. Whether you go to a GC or into the local shops in your area, try to get your hands on the guitar to know what they're like.

I would recommend you not even buy the guitar if you haven't gotten it in your hands, personally. If you can find them, get your hands on them, and find that you like one... Then you should buy that one that you played. All acoustics are a little different; even in the same models they can sound different.
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while i often recommend yamaha - and have owned a few - i don't care for the apx series. unplugged they sound cardboardy, possibly due to their thin body. do you have to have a cutaway? if not, i'd suggest you try out a fender hellcat. in any event, i hope you go to some stores and try the guitars you're considering in person so you can pick the one that feels and sounds best to you.
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Thanks for the advice. I omitted the bit about visiting a store! Of course I would and top advice for everyone.

I guess I just wanted to hear what people thought about these ones. Yamaha have a good solid reputation. What are the quality of Takamine in this price range?
+1 for the APX700. I found that Takamines sounded too bright for me, but I've mostly heard very good things about them. Nothing beats a playtest, though.