I feel like a tool for making this thread, but I am so unsure of what to do.

I have an opportunity to get my guitar signed by KK tomorrow, but I have mixed feelings about this.

Pro: It's signed by a member of Slayer, one of my favourite bands.

Con: It might make the guitar feel less "mine", if that makes sense
It might rub off and look bad
I might play the guitar less and it is my most played guitar
Although I love Slayer, he isn't a guitar idol to me

I also have a framed record that would make an excellent candidate for getting signed. The big question is, would you get both signed if allowed or just the record?

This is the guitar, and I think it would be signed on the bottom point.
Take both, get it signed on the back of the headstock.
Who cares if it's got his signature on it anyway's?
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I would just get the record signed since the sig on the guitar would rub off eventually especially if you polish your guitar using guitar polish
My guitar was signed like two years ago by Claudio Sanchez on the back of the headstock and it's still there. Feels good man
Get the control plate signed, then put a clear coat over it. Then people won't see it when you're playing, and it won't rub off. PROBLEM SOLVED

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get it signed if hes your idol,i was fortunate enough to have dimebag sign mine and i played the shit outta my guitar,even if it rubs off slightly u will always know what it means to u,i would never ever sell my guitar either and i hope u wouldnt either,it defeats the purpose otherwise
If you're not averse to someone's signature on your guitar and you're willing to bring it, sure, I'd say go for it. It's cool to have something with an interesting history behind it like that.

Though if you don't think that way, 'eh.
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I met KK back in 2005 at a guitar clinic, had him sign some slayer cd's and my denim vest Just go with the control plate thing, or shit just forget the guitar and let him sign something else, it's just an autograph
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Get a scratchplate and get him to sign that instead.


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Only get the guitar signed if it is HIS model, the album sounds like a better idea.
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