I got this guitar before last Christmas and I've been working on it off and on for a while, but nothing for the last few months. I did some custom contours on it but I'm not happy with the final finish. I'm also very much not excited to start all over. Last weekend my wife was sick of my whining and says "Why dont you just assemble it and play it?" So I did, and it's unlikely that it will come apart for a long time, so its re-birth has come to the final stage and now I HAVE the guitar, not just a box of parts.
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The guitar is a little small, but has a 25.5 scale with 22 wide-but=not-tall frets. From the beginning I found it quite comfortable to play. Now that I have refinished the fingerboard and stripped the back of the neck down to just wood, it is really fast. (but I do want to lower the action a bit more)

Its got a pretty deep tone. I'm not good at describing tone, but its a lot like my son's Beast, or my japanese SG. However, when I flip on the phase switch with blade on position 2 (coil tap), I can get some real quack. When you want high end, its strong and pretty clear, but not exactly crisp, perhaps because the pickup is too close to the strings. The tone pot has the wrong taper or something, and theres no difference between 1 and about 7. even at 10 theres not a huge difference (need a bigger cap?).

The wiring of the 5 position blade is non standard. 1 is the single neck pickup, 2 is neck and one side of the hummy, 3 is bridge and both bucking coils. 4 is just one bridge, and 5 is both bridge coils. The phase switch affects the neck pup, so you *should* only get a difference in position 2 and 3, however it does affect the volume in position 5, so I'm getting a bit of a leak somewhere.

The pickups are mounted weird, since there are no mounting rings or pickguard. There's nearly no height adjustment on the humbucker so I've got to do something about that.
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Saw your other thread on this in GB&C, awesome to see it finished.

Well done!
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That's a cool finish

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