I got this old guitar body and neck, kind of a mini super strat with cavities for one single and one humbucker. So I bought some cheap pups and a few odds and ends and presto, a working guitar. Well, not quite magic, it took me a long time to decide how to wire it, but I had already bought a switch and darn it I WILL use it. Perhaps I should have bought a super switch. Oops, this post is about how I did the body mods, not the wiring. There was some carving required to put a blade in where a toggle had been. These are the In Progress pics only, finals are in the other forum. (Is that bad?) Unfortunately, I don't have a picture from before I started, with the teanager-type stickers all over the thing, and the nasty discolouring on the fretboard. You can see some scratches that I found under the stickers, and how white the fretboard was after I sanded. The fretboard was stained nearly black, but the stain was worn through in many places. I tried to make it black again using a Jiffy marker. That was a serious fail, so I sanded it down to wood and stained it a reasonable brown. I stopped sanding before getting all the black, becuase there were a few places with dents etc, so theres some specks of black here and there. Ok, now some pics, and no more descriptions. If you see something you dont understand, then I'll talk only when needed.

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Guitar 006t.JPG
Guitar 008t.JPG
Guitar 012t.JPG
Guitar 013t.JPG
Guitar 014t.JPG
It looks pretty good so far. I was a bit hesitant at the start but it looks like it turned out good. Is the fret board maple?
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Is the fret board maple?

I dont think so.I think its something softer
Ha ha, this is a pretty cool idea, somewhat funny, somewhat totally aesthetically nice. Good thing you remembered to make an opening for the forearm.
That's cool. That the top of the thread I was like "what the hell is he doing," but as you got farther into it I really liked the ideas. The true sign of an artist is the person who can envision the final product in his head and keep going when it look bad for a while. Nice job!
at first it reminded me of a toilet i dunno why
buy yea, that's a really cool thing you did there