I currently own a Orange open back 2x12, im looking to get a tight shred tone and feel i loose too much tone with the open back, im assuming i should be able to sell the orange for 500ish and save up the rest to buy a marshall 1936. What are your opinions on the cabs ? also could you reccomend any other cabs you feel would be suitable ? my max budget is 1k. I mainly play metalcore/shred/indie rock, My current head is a peavey 6505. Im only using it at home, id prefer a 2x12 though
As previous poster, or if you would prefer to save some of the money for more gear, look into Avatar. Great cabinets, should have what you're wanting for 70% of the price of the Orange, if not less. You will also get more styling options that might appeal to you.
Is it like a specific type of wood i have to put in it or something ?
Also do i have to go to a luthier or something ? i live in australia btw
cut a piece of plywood to fit, cut a hole for the jack, mount the jack, screw the piece to the cab.

this stuff.

try not to cut your fingers off in the process, you need those.
yeah, preferable baltic birch ply. i wanna say orange uses an 11 ply or 13 ply baltic birch.

as far as technical expertise required... you need someone who knows how to use a saw and can measure accurately. tolex on the backing would just be aesthetic for me.

the thing that concerns me is that the cab isn't designed to be a closed back cab (has different dimensions than the CB cab), this may mean if you close it up there could be even ratios on the internal dimensions of the cab that could cause standing waves. this isn't a problem when it's open but it could be a problem if it's closed up
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