How many genres have you thrown into this thing?And whats with the title?
Its pretty unique, at least.Ive never heard anything like this, quite fascinating.
Great solo, nicely done! Don't really like the vocals, the rest's great
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Yeah it is a roller coaster. It was sort of originally going to be two parts but we decided to throw it all together and just call it. Basic story: a man is slowly becoming infected by a zombie-like disease... think Alzheimer's meets rabies... and he has killed his wife and realizes it. Then he just looses it later on.

We were definitely going for unique, haha. Its our first collaborative effort.

What did you not like about the vocals? Is it the screams or cleans or?

Thank you guys for the criticism, we really appreciate it.
The beginning reminds me of La Dispute, then it goes into like After the burial, and then like Dance Gavin Dance and then Suicide silence and back to DGD. I don't know what you call that but it's great xD I really enjoyed that
You can so tell you like bring me the horizon

I like it dude! It's pretty cool!
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Wow ... realy realy good technique ... productionwise you could get a little bit more seperation in the instruments ... especially the guitars cover eachother very often ... the clean parts are VERY VERY TASTY ... i like them most in this style cocktail ... the rest sounds quiet good and the sounds of the instruments themself are realy realy good ... your playin is realy tight ... the drums could sound a little more "technical" sometimes (not the playin just the sound) ... the vocals are realy a matter of taste ... but at least they are realy versatile though in the highest registers there are some little issues ... but if you do not like the vocals you sure will hate them (haha) ... i like them so

EVERYTHING WELL DONE ... some little issues but thats critique on a very hi level ...


for c4c here is mine


Greatz M
We have alot of influences I suppose... we listen to everything and each member of the band has a different background of musical style. I suppose we are a style cocktail.

We recorded and mixed everything here in a little room at my house. We learned alot from this actually. Mixing and mastering everything so that it is heard very clearly over everything is damn near an art form... alot more complicated than I had thought in the beginning of this little endeavor. We definitely wanted everything to be diverse, especially the vocals. Its just three of us at the moment, and we all take a turn at the mic. I am actually the drummer and am doing the high screams. Playing the breakdown and getting those screams right is well... a bitch and a half actually haha.

I really appreciate the criticism guys. Gratzi.
I have done some tweaks, both through production musicianship that I think might qualify for another listen (if you have anyways) and I would like to see what people think about it.

I was going to create another thread but choo know what?


Thank you, and C4C always.
Not my sort of music my man. The vocals scare me!

In saying that, the production sounds great. I love the sound of the drums and the guitar tone is brill (I like the female backing vocals too).

The solo sounds wicked.

Not really sure how to crit it much further; as I say, it's not my sort of music but, from what I can gather, it sounds snazzy indeed!
I hate to burst a bubble, and... well, give away the secret here, but that aint female vox. Thats our Male vocalist. lol

Thanks you guys for all the Kind words. Means a lot to me, and everyone else.
I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri rock. I need scissors! 61!
Nice song, totally like it, makes me think of Fall of Troy and Protest the Hero a litle bit.

Now you got me wanting more!
THanks for the crit

Lol, whoever does vocals sounds like one of the Beastie Boys. I like it. Plus, he can actually hold a tune when he needs to.

I was expecting some pretentious crap (I mean c'mon. The cinematic exploits of one jim osbern? You're just asking for it ) but this was actually a really fun tune. I would buy an album.

I guess if I had to criticize something, then yes, the vocals can be off-putting at times. I like the tuneless screaming, but I would try to insert more actual singing in the song. But please keep the "...WITH AN IRON........fist". That was pure poetry.
Really loving the feedback! Thanks a lot guys
More opinions would be great.
And as always C4C