Hey guys

A few weeks ago, I had to sell my acoustic (rent...) and have been stuck with an old electric guitar. It works, but it's just not the same...

So, when I start work, I have decided to save around £700 or so to buy a new acoustic guitar! Essentially, splash my first months paycheck

What guitars do you knowledgeable folks reccommed at that price range? I've not tried many yet, but my local shop has a beautiful Breedlove at that sort of price (a bit less, I think).

On a separate note, I'm starting to get into more fingerstyle playing and alternate tunings. I'm slowly learning Drifting (Andy McKee) and Eric Roche's arrangement of Smells Like Teen Spirit.
Any other songs in that sort of genre that aren't too bad to play/good fun/worth checking out?


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Yeah, Antoine Dufour is really good. Dufour and McKee are my favorites.

A buddy of mine has a Breedlove and I love the sound of it. I'd buy a Breedlove if I had the chance to.
I bought a breedlove about a year ago. It is a bad idea to buy one because you will find it very difficult to put down.

Honestly, I cant say anything bad about them because I love mine so much. They play like a dream and sound amazing also. The electronics are pretty sweet too. You won't be disappointed with it. Fingerstyle playing is amazing on them also. I lose picks like it's my job so I play lots of fingerstyle.
Cheers guys.

Certainly the OM Breedlove I tried was lovely, but I'm looking for one with a cutaway now. They've got one in my local shop, but not been down to try it yet.

Crikey, that Dufour character is a bit handy! Long out of my skill level at the moment, but never mind. Practice!

@mkocian17, glad to hear fingerstyle works well on them as well. I play plenty of strumming songs, and only just getting into the fingerstyle stuff.
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@watermen - Although I've heard great things about Cole Clark, they're a royal pain to get hold of in the UK, and I'm not really looking for a Dreadnought body shape. I always find dreads to be rather too bassy for my taste.
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