No one in my area really plays the same stuff as me so I went solo and just did everything myself. Let me know what you think. I'm not a singer so vocals aren't great but gotta do what you gotta do.

Conquer the Mountain and Born Again are probably the best ones.

needs bass. cool riffs, and with some studio work, it could be great. if i were you i would try to find some vocal help though, no offense, but it could use improvement. other than the lack of bass and what not, i like it.
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born again is great imo, very slayerish, although yes ,definetly needs bass and better vocals im afraid
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I'm not a professional, but I'm also working on a solo metal-core project. Your material is interesting and solid. I, however, personally feel that there should be some break-downs inserted. But thats just my opinion. Also, the songs need a hook for the listeners but that can easily be fixed with vocals or a lead riff.
Listened to Born again: clean intro is nice, also reminds me of slayer. Distortion guitar tone could perhaps be improved, it's a bit fizzy. I'm not an expert but perhaps try EQ's down the higher frequencies or soemthing. You have some good riffs though. A couple of times I was thinking 'the music needs to do something different now', but then it did, so that's good thing I like the solo, kinda Kirk Hammett-esque. The singing isn't fantastic true, but if you don't know anyone else then of course it's far better to have this than not record anything. You can always keep looking for someone and re-record the vocals in the future if you find anyone.
Overall, a nice slice of thrash, good stuff.