sounds cool, i'd go
pfft planet fun would kick its arse
My Gear:
BC Rich Gunslinger Retro Blade
Vintage V100 Paradise + SD Alnico Pro Slash APH-2's
1963 Burns Short Scale Jazz Guitar
Dean Performer Florentine
Bugera 6260
Orange Micro Terror + cab
Digitech Bad Monkey
Zoom G2G
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Do you reap a lot of carnage there, you lunatic satanist?

When I hide behind a tree waiting for a little kid to come by and pop out and shout "Uga buga buga" and watching their petrified shriek, I smile a little in the inside.
To be vulnerable is needed most of all, if you intend to truly fall apart.

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You have no idea how much I don't want to tell stories about my mother's vaginal slime on the internet.

I make music sometimes.