As the title suggests, I am trying to decide on which one to go with.

The Omen 8 is roughly $200 cheaper than the Damien, and going cheaper to me seems like a better decision. But the materials that are used in the Damien seem better, as well as, imo, the tuners seem better and it has active pickups.

Maybe there is a different brand that I could go with that has 8-strings in roughly the same price range, but the only two I can even find that make production models are Ibanez and, of course schecter, and Ibanez is too expensive for me.

Help me out?
I'd go for the Damien. I own both in 7 string version and while soundwise they are similar the Damien is more comfortable especially in the neck that feels smoother and has a better neckjoint. But just try them out and see which feels and sounds better to you

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