how to i get the "smells like teen spirit sound". what i mean is what would be settings on my amp and guitar, neck/bridge pickup, humbucker/singlecoil. i have a boss DS-1 which i think is the same one kurt used which settings should i use on that (it has tone, level and distorton). thanks
bridge pickup and crank everything...

i don't think it's a very desirable sound to begin with I'm sure you could do better.
give your guitar a unique tuning by simply detuning 5 of the 6 strings... that's pretty much how it's done.
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Really all you need is some distortion for the main parts and clean for the intro. Also crank up the tone on it. It's a really simple song and really simple settings.
Also, make sure to have a nice chorus pedal for the clean section.
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thanks guys ill have to try what u have said in the morning as it is 12 and i dont want to wake the family
dont put the tone knob all the way up. it'll sound thin and nasty. keep it at maybe 12 o clock.
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