Hmmm...this appears to be the most appropriate place to put this so ---->> There:

In the song "The World Is A Thorn" by Demon Hunter there is a pretty neat-sounding effect about 51 seconds into the song in the lead guitar. Perhaps I just don't get around much, but I've never heard anything quite like this and would like to know how one could achieve an effect like or similar to this, but I doubt it's a singular effect.
Help? Guesses?

linkyroo to song:

sounds more like sweep-picking really fast too me. there might be an octave effect (eg a whammy pedal) but i don't think so.

i'd listen to it more to try and be more precise, but i could hardly bare to listen to it once...
Wah. You can hear the sweep.
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Yeah, it's someone sweep picking with a wah.
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