So if you missed diagnosing my amp, you should check it out. I've also been having some weird issues with one of my guitars. When I bought it the volume knob didnt work and was always stuck on the highest output, which I didn't really care too much about. I opened it up and changed the pot in case that was the issue but it wasn't, which means it's a wiring issue. Can anyone think of any simple wiring faults that would make the volume pot stay on max regardless of the position of the knob? Everything else works perfectly.
Damn you've got serious bad luck with gear..

I'm not sure, but did you make sure you grounded the pot?
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did you solder it exactly the same as the old one? maybe that was the issue...
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Quote by Dempsey68
did you solder it exactly the same as the old one? maybe that was the issue...

Yeah I did, to make sure the pot wasn't bad. One variable at a time yknow.
I drew up a shitty wiring diagram last time I had the guitar open, I'll post it up when I get home. That should help a lot

In terms of bad luck - nah I bought this one that way, let me get a better price. It's been like that for a while I just figure I might as well deal with it now. The amp is the only bad luck so far lol
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