Okay, long story short. I had a pair of Sennheiser HD200's for 5/6 years which have recently broke. Unfortunately, they are discontinued, and I am looking to buy some new headphones.

I use them for listening to music, playing guitar, recording/mixing bands and occasionally use them for live sound. My budget is up to £90.

Hit me.
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Headphone thread brah.
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I make music sometimes.
seinnheiser HD 448 or 518, both amazing sound, in your budget
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They "broke" how?

Are you sure it's not the male headphone jack?

My AKG's recently "broke," and sure enough it was at the #1 place things like this tend to break, inside the 1/4" headphone plug.

Solution? I soldered a new 1/4" plug on there. Wammo! Good as new.

Since I assume you're going to throw them out anyway, go ahead and cut the cord a few inches above that plug. Strip the wires back to expose the copper.

Now go to Radio Shack and pick up a new plug. Plug it in to your recording console.

Touch the copper wires to the terminals on the plug and listen. At some point you should hear something in one ear or the other. At some point you should hear something in the other ear.

If so your headphones are fine. Go ahead and figure out which terminal is left, which is right, and which is neutral and solder them up (google how to solder if you don't know how.) A bit of work with your "Balance" or "Pan" knob should make quick work of this.

Headphones are DURABLE!! They should last decades. The plugs and jacks always die first.

Don't waste a perfectly good set of 'phones over a dead plug.
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Sennheiser HD555. They're amazingly built. Ive never had a pair of headphones that lasted me over 3 months before. I've abused these for three years and they are still perfect. If you open them up and remove a small square of foam between the speaker and the grill (takes five minutes and a screwdriver, they sound just like the HD595s.

Also, headphone thread.
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