Hi there, everyone.

My first post after years of UG-ogling and it's a cry for help. Please excuse me

I'm tryin' to browse some tabs, my browser (firefox, with a few weird add-ons) displays the page, but with a black background, the lyrics, er... "shaded", and the margins all messed up. I reckon this is due because of this:

"WARNING: You are trying to view
content from Ultimate-Guitar.com
in an unauthorized application,
which is prohibited."

But i'm using my computer! I can watch them without any trouble in the iPad standard safari browser, for example. I searched the Forums without any mention to this. Any ideas or any help?

Thanks in advance.
Ok. Solved. It was because of one of my add-ons. An adblocker. Once disabled, it is working. I guess you may delete this thread now, or leave it if in case it helps another member with the same problem.

Probably due to the addons.. Try disabling one by one and seing which one is causing it. Alternatively, try a different browser? Chrome and Opera are good.

EDIT: lol.