What are some easy begginer songs to practice switching between open and barre chords. I like to practice with musical concept
I would go with Hotel California by The Eagles. You could also try Macy's Day Parade by Green Day although it has more barre chords than open chords
Hero Of War by Rise Against. That's what I used. None of those chords you really have to play barred, but it makes it easier and sounds better if you do.
House of the rising Sun by the animals thats what got me into switching from open to barre chords, it just uses an Fmaj, but its gonna help you, Also passenger by iggy pop, pretty good song to practice barre chords.
You could try half the world away by oasis, it only has 2 barre chords but it's somewhere to start i guess. And a nice song in general to play
Neil Young - Rockin' in the Free World

Acoustic version. If you want to play along with the record and have it sound good, you're going to have to tune a step down though. Otherwise it's extremely simple.
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