Hello, yesterday before going to bed I took all my strings off in anticipation of today (I am getting new strings in like an hour.)

Now I am reading horror stories of how if you take off all your strings at once it can damage the neck? Did I do permanent damage to my guitar by doing this?

Only if you leave them off for a while, like a couple of weeks. If you take them all off and leave them off for a week or so you might find that when you put strings on it again the action has gone wonky and the guitar needs adjusting but it won't be a permanent problem. One night won't effect anything.
I hope not, my crappy B.C. Rich had all it's strings taken off for cleaning before putting a new set on for 4 years, and I planned on doing it for my Schecter. I've never left strings off overnight though.
I work for a guitar shop and the head guitar tech there has instructed me to take all of the strings off at once as it will not damage the neck unless left off for some prolonged time.
No we have a rule of a week at the longest and that is only when we have to order or make a part for the guitar. we have a old acoustic that has been unstrung for around 3 weeks and no damage to it yet, that guitar was a cheap one that has a cracked body and we want to see how long till the neck warps since there was no way to repair it.
Dude, you're screwed. Even if you just leave it unstrung for a couple days, the neck will warp.

If you're really unlucky, the neck will fall off and the electrics will blow out. Your amp speaker may need replacing too.

Nah I'm kidding. It should be fine unless you leave it for a long time.


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Besides, that's the only way to give the fret board a good cleaning.