I plan on getting some new pickups for my Ibanez RG321EX. So gimme some suggestions yea? Here is the pickup criteria......

- Passive pickups
- Budget is $200
- For playing bands such as As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Metallica, Megadeth, Lamb Of God etc.
- Bridge pickup: Has "BR00TALZ" metal tone. lol
- Neck pickup: Has that nice smooth tone for sweep picking / shredding

Doesnt have to be good on the clean channel. Thats pretty much it.

P.S: This is posted on behalf of a friend, not for me.

Bareknuckle pups dude. So good. For my sg i use the painkillers because of how well they work with mahogony.
A bareknuckle set is going to be way over budget. Especially if you are having to get them shipped from the UK to the US.

As per usual I am going to suggest Dimarzio. Maybe a D-Activator X in the bridge and an Evolution Neck in the neck (obviously). It may be a bit unbalanced but individually the two would give what your friend wants.

There really are quite a few he could try. Crunch Lab, D Sonic, D-Activators, X2N would give the best Brootz bridge tone and neck tone could come from the Evolution, Breed, Liquifire.

Would he want the set to be well calibrated?

Also, do you know what amp your friend uses?
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Before even recommending ANY pickup.

What amp?
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