Hi, just wondering what strings people use 'cos i've only ever really used ernie ball regular slinky and i really like the sound i get from them and they bend rather easily. Though, i am wondering if there might be any strings better for me out there so let me know what you guys like.

I use Elixirs for my acoustic, which is pretty much all I play anymore. They cost $15 a set, but they last forever and a day.
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They've got a really nice, round tone that works great with my Yamaha, and they've stayed brighter longer for me than other brands. Aside from that, like said above, they last forever.
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On my electrics I use Elixir strings. Not the best tone of all strings, but still decent and last very long. Light top heavy bottom, because I like the thick strings to be a bit more tighter and the thin strings flexible and whatnot. On my acoustics I use S.I.T strings 0.12 set. I like the bright raspy tone coming from those
Eb, coated .10's, elixer .10, and eb skinny top heavy bottoms. All depeends on how low im tuning and the type of band im playing for. I use some baritone strings for really low stuff.
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tried just about every single brand there is... they just seem to sound the best and last the longest (save for elixirs, but they certainly feel different.. personal preference i suppose)..
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ernie ball and d'addario are made in the same factory from the same materials, if i recall correctly... anyways, i usually buy ernie ball, because if the package gets spilled on or wet, it's waterproof and the strings stay dry. plus they're good strings for so cheap. elixers and other coated or treated strings don't feel right nor do they sound any better.
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Anyways, some EB pair on my acoustic, and Dunlop Heavy Core on my electric.

earnie ball skinny top heavy bottoms on my les paul. sound big for rhythm stuff, yet still comfortable to bend and solo
I used to use ghs until I bought my first schecter and it came strung with daddario and never looked back since
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DR, they last forever and I love how they feel.
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I use DR black beauty 10's on my Jackson v, Elixir 9's on my les paul, and ernie ball coateds on my Ibanez 7 string.
I use a mix of DR black beauties 9's, and 10's. The low tuned guitars get elixers 11's.

Both are great. If I played more I would use D'addrio.

Dunlops weren't bad either.
I pretty much swear by Ernie Ball strings, and so does the other guitarist in my band. I use Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms, and he uses Beefy slinkies.
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I had a thread like this a while ago.

I use ernie ball 9's because I've never really tried another brand(I should though).
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ernie ball regular slinky. I use them because they hold up really well and feel good to my fingers.
I use D'Addarios, .10-46s on my Schecter, .13-56s on my acoustic and .12-52s on my ML.. I tried what I'm pretty sure were Dean Markleys(the guy who sold me it tossed a pack in with the guitar) on my acoustic and they sounded really country-ish(they were 80/20s so I'll blame it on that), which I didn't like as I like a warm acoustic tone and got what seemed to be verdigris on them within 2 weeks(I've never seen verdigris on strings before, but...), so...NEVER AGAIN. And I used Ernie Balls for a brief period, but they were a little twangy for me, and I had the high E break on them 2 or 3 times in the 6 months I used them, but my lead guitarist was all "THEY LAST LONGER" so I continured to use them. Ernie Ball doesn't seem to make .12-52s, and when I wanted something with a wound G the guy at the shop gave me a set of D'Addarios, and when I put them on I was fairly blown away, haven't looked back since. xD
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D'addario 10-52, because they feel and sound good and I've gotten used to them.

I actually have Rotosounds on right now, just to see the difference between pure nickel and nickel-plated steel strings. I have found that the Rotosounds (which are pure nickel) are not as bright and are slightly easier to bend.
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I like D'Addario 10's. I used to use Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, but I bought some D'Addarios because they were on sale and they blew them out of the water. They don't have the tinny, metallic sound that new EBs do, but they don't sound dull or lose high end quickly either.

I have Martin lights on my acoustic because that's all I ever really tried I don't play acoustic much.
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Elixir 11's

I like thicker strings, i like feeling the strings fight back when i play.
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D'Addario 10s on both my electric and my electroacoustic, and my bass still has whichever strings they came with :P
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I use dadarios because out of all of the strings I have tried I have never broken a string from them yet. Tbh I don't notice much f a difference in sound between different string brands, so I just stick with dadarios since they have never broken on me.
elixir 12s on my electric, elixir 13s on my acoustic, elixir 12s on my 12-string, and elixir on my acoustic bass. They last forever, and they feel nice.
I play D'Addarios on my electrics and Martins on my acoustic, but I always wanted to try DRs