Right well, my telecaster jack has always been a bit temperamental (as most are) and iit was cutting out again so i went to tighten it, i know how to tighten it, take off the controls put your finger through hold it tight and screw but, no matter how i held it the wires were still spinning and the nut is stuck and the cup is loose, heres a few pictures...
oh and the jack goes in but it just falls out so im not sure how that relates, but basically i need help loosening the nut so i can put everything back in tightly...
oh and im buying an electrosocket soon but if anyone has any experience that would be great, do i need to drill holes in my guitar body for the electrosocket to work?
im not very technical as you've probably guessed haha.

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^ just showing that the wires are still attached and straight.
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^ showing how it lies normally
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this is the nut that is stuck

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and finally this is how high the cup is raised when i "pull at it" just to show how loose it is.
any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks a lot.

oh and while im at it, how would i go about filling in chips like these...
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colour is under "arctic white", its a mexican tele from 2008 i believe?
pics dont work

if its stuck youre going to have to hold the socket with a pair of pliers, and get a correct size wrench on the nut, or another pair of pliers. even if its cross threaded, it shouldnt be strong enough to really get THAT stuck, you just need a better grip on it, but if its crossthreaded you may need a new nut, or fork out a few dollars and replace the jack lol
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thats what i was thinking but there was no way it would turn without the wires spinning, i held it in ever ypossible combination, holidng it down, up sideways, nipping it, putting things in the jack and i even got my thumb stuck for about 5 minutes :\
heres the picture of the worst chips
you got your thumb stuck? really? lol

does the jack not pull out further than that? i had envisioned pulling it out so you can grip the wire side of the socket, but thats only if you can pull it out that far. your best bet may be finding the other end of those wires at the volume pot, and cutting them there, then getting a new jack and rewiring it in. do you know how to solder?
yeh i did i had to get my mam to lift it up in different directions so i could try and pull it out :') yeh i do, id probably get my uncle to do it though as he has the kit and is an ex electrician, probably easier than me doing it haha :')
the wires already been snipped like 4 times and since i cant undo the nut at all (the jack is stuck inside haha because the nuts jammed on it) it means id have to snap it half way so id need to replace all the wires, so basically, I NEED to take the nut off (
sorry im trying to picture it - if the wires are cut, how is it stuck inside? can you not tell whats holding it in?
the cup and jack should come out together with whatever length of wire was cut off
if you have cutting dykes, you may be able to snip the nut in half. they really arent all that strong. clearly youre going to be replacing the jack anyways lol
or if you have a dremel with a cutting disc, just be careful of your finish whatever you do! tape around the jack area if youre doing something that can slip and chip your finish more.
the wires aren't cut, if i cut them ill have to replace all wires as theyll bee to short, and i dont particularly want to cut the nut either, the jack works fine, im replacing it and the cup when i manage to order an electrosocket online, but because the nuts stuck on the jack atm it means the socket cant come off and it means i cant tighten it so it means the nut and cup is loose so the jack wobbles, ive fixed it so that the lead stays in the jack though.
yeh i read about that when i was reading about new cup/sockets, would that actually undo a tight nut though?