ive been searching for some time now for the best guitar for me and am still not sure i play most types of music except thrash metal. I like the look of the fender blacktop models and the lonestars, ive also been suggested various paul reed smith se models and the ltd eclipse has also been suggested. i would basically justlike some advice on what i should be looking for and any suggestions.

Are you sure you want versatile?

I would avoid certain things if you are not a certain type of player, i.e. Floyd Rose!!

The "best" guitar is one that sounds good and stays in tune. I recommend Yamaha guitars because they are built well and they stay in tune. Yamaha is a fine instrument manufacturer, it's Japanese, and the guitars are no exception.

I've done literally 100s of takes of intricate guitar solos involving 1.5 step bends, vibrato, etc., and then I go tune it and it's dead flipping on!! No tuning necessary.

Original machine heads and everything.

I have changed out the pickups, first to a Seymour-Duncan, and later to a MotherBucker. Lower output, but a warmer tone. I'm just not much of a shredder anymore, and wanted the guitar more for laying down rhythm parts.

That mod cost me $90.

Guitars are a tricky game. There are a lot of big names out there: PRS, Ibanez, Jackson, Fender, Gibson...

...imo they're all shit knockoffs unless you get into the $1000 price range. Made in Korea (or Mexico)... not pure crap, but lower quality.

I'm glad I got a Yamaha because it's NOT a big name guitar mfg, so I didn't buy a name. It is a big keyboard and piano maker, and some of those are quite valuable. They also make violins, I think.

Did you know Volvo primarily makes heavy construction machinery?

...also a damn good car.

Another bit of advice: go to a general music shop to buy a guitar, the kind of place where they cater to Mom's and their kids in school band - selling saxophones and trumpets.

Why? They are not in the business of selling guitars. It's a side thing.

GUITAR Center is in the business of selling guitars, and they are interested in one thing: you picking up that instrument, walking to the counter, pulling out your wallet and paying for it.

Done, end of story. Guitar Center ceases to care about you as soon as you pay.

That Mom and Pop trumpet and sheet music place? They care about you. If that guitar gives you problems they'll probably fix it free. They'll appreciate your business.

Plus they simply don't have the shelf space for a bunch of Korean shit!! (And since they provide a SERVICE to their customers they don't want to spend all their time fixing Korean shit, either!)
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^ I dunno about the states, I'm sure you're right, but here most "mom and pop stores" (assuming i understand the term correctly, as it's an americanism) are more likely to stock cheap crap, not less. And probably charge over the odds for it, too.

regarding versatility... it really depends on what type of versatility you mean. To me there are two types of versatility (much like two types of tone- gear tone and finger tone)- there's versatility where a guitar can be used for a variety of different genres, and then there's versatility where a guitar can do a multitude of different "classic" tones.

You need to decide which you want. For example, you could consider most of the "classic" guitars (strat, tele, les paul, etc. etc.) to qualify for the first type of versatility, as they work for a variety of different types of music. However, if you ask me, they don't really qualify for the second type- a les paul won't do an approximation of a strat, or vice-versa, etc. etc.

For the second type of versatilty you're looking at guitars with a combination of pickup types (superstrats, say), coil splits or other electronic trickery, etc. etc.
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We get it you like Yamaha guitars. I guess if you wanted a trumpet you would go to a guitar store? Or is it more complicated than that? Dudes post made no sense.

If you really want versatility with your budget you could buy 2 decent instruments. At least you could here in the states. That aside I think its pretty unanimous on this board that the Fender Strat HSS is a pretty versitile and high quality guitar. Whether it was made in Mexico, Japan or the US.

What type of music do you really see yourself playing? The guitar in and of itself is a versitle instrument. Once you get past your guitars built for shredding the rest of it is mostly just marketing and styling. What kind of guitar does your favorite guitarist play?

For me it seems like it doesn't matter how many different guitars I buy, I always end up going back to my trusty ol' strat.
Tbh, for £550, go used and you can get a Jackson DK2M or an Ibby Prestige of some kind for £350 and an Epi LP or something for £200ish and you're all set.
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Most types of music bar thrash metal hey...
So do you play the brootz and tech death?
Jazz, country, rock, blues, funk?
drone and noise rock?

Which do you play more?

I don't have enough to work with here.

But check out strats, les pauls, prs etc
The jackson and ibanez recommended above are more metal/shred orientated guitars
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