How does this guy not already have a thread? Don't tell me I'm the only Elliott Smith fan on here. Favorite albums? Songs?
I like him. You're not alone.

Elliot Smith is probably my favourite album, though Figure 8's pretty good. Apart from a few tracks here and there I haven't really heard any other albums.
RIP Adam
I'd also have to say that Either/Or is my favorite. Oh what I'd have given to see him live...
Elliott Smith rules so much. My favorites change all the time, but for a pretty long time it's been XO.
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Do you folks like folk?
s/t or either or. probably the most consistent artist ever.

anyone else a fan of From a Basement? it is so good.
^ I just picked up a used copy of From a Basement for five bucks the other day. I've heard it plenty of times before that, so I figured I should actually own it. it's great! Twilight was actually the first ES song I heard, somehow.