Hi all. I have a Dean- Dave Mustaine VMNT X which has the stock pick-ups in it. I play mostly metal, but sometimes i like too play some mellower stuff. I was thinking about getting a jazz pick-up for the neck and a super distortion for the bridge. Do you think that would be a good combo?? And if it helps, i play through a Peavey Valveking 100 watt head/cab.
I don't know about the jazz, but I know that a Super Distortion is HOT. It won't really help for playing more mellow stuff. It's a cool pickup, but it is versatile-challenged. I took mine out of my guitar because of that, and I play metal (Sabbath, Sword, Priest).
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The Jazz works great in the neck. I got one riding in a guitar with a Detonator in the bridge:


When I made the decision, there were several youtube vids with demos of Jazz in neck and Invader in bridge. Those might be somewhat helpful for you if you can't find any vids where they're paired with Super Distortions.

The Jazz is a little hotter than the Detonator; but the Detonator doesn't seem as hot as the Invader I have in another guitar. Hard to tell, though, since the Invader is in there with a Sustainiac, which pretty much converts it to an active pickup. So I can't say that the Jazz is as hot as the Invader, but it is hot enough for me.
Yeah, Jazz/JB combo is a common setup and the JB is pretty hot. DiMarzio Bluesbucker might also be worth a look
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