This is an EXTREMELY RARE CHURCH OF HIP HOP HONESTY we found ourselves in, the song and video needed to be written.

FOR ANYONE , ANYONE who has had a problem with addiction or someone in their life.



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Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
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I here returnin' da luv (thanks for the reviews)! The video quality was grainier on this one, perhaps it's the lower light situation in the church. Imagery-wise, this was more interesting than the kitchen video. As you know, I'm not a conniseur of rap, but this reminds me of Eminem (relatively good rap, so that is a compliment from this mostly non-rapper dude). Glad the lyrics were relatively non-naughty. I dig the female opera-type vocal, makes me wonder if that's sampled or ? You may recall I got a somewhat similar female vocal track on a recent song of mine from the synth plug-in SampleTank. Instrumentally your song is good. Carry on!
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haah thanks aaron. Yea we had to SNEAK INTO A CHURCH! to do ths video. ty for returnin da luv!!

the LIGHTING was hard to deal with, but you just have to let it go and accept things for how they are. MUCH LUV
Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Thanks for crit! I not an expert on hip-hop but I'm certainly happy to give my thoughts.

Critting as I listen... nice beats and i like your voice. Generally well produced. The female vocal part is a good idea to give a change in texture, keeps my interest in the song. Ending is good, with you putting the gunshot sound in, quite emotional.
Yeah as a whole it's a good track and well put together.
Thanks for critting my song, like these guys above I'm not the biggest fan of hip hop, but I actually like the story in this. I can sort of relate to this in a way. So, this is you rapping isn't it? I like your voice, fits right in with the beat. It really has some power in the words said. Good beat too from what I can say. I don't know a lot about making beats but this one definitely sounds legit.
This is actually really cool, I've liked everything you've guys done though. The lyrics have some thought in them so it's miles above other hip hop lyrics, the production is also really great. I don't know what to say, you seem to know what you're doing. I would of chosen a more punchy/heavy kit, but it's great the way it is. Very enjoyable, great job.
Sorry about how late I am on my C4C, but hey, I did it, right? (Thanks for your crit btw, yours are always fun to read )

First off, HOLY SHIT! This is so much better than the first song I heard from you! Obviously you're gonna get comparisons to Eminem just cuz you're white, but he's a great rapper, and these lyrics definitely hold up to his. You've got some great friggin flow goin' on here, very unique! They really convey the story well. (Also, kudos on not overusing profanity, idk how many times I've heard a rap song that gave Limp Bizkit a run for their money in the F-bomb department.) Liked the opera samples in the bg, it nicely complimented the slick beatz playing with it. Not much to pick at here, it's a truly solid rap track! Keep it the frick up!
Thanks for the crit on my tune!

I too am not a fan of hip hop, rap etc... I really wouldn't know what is good hip hop vs bad hip hop. But it sounds, looks and feels like there was real emotion displayed not only in the writing, the singing and use of video imagery and locations. As far as production goes I thought it was 5 stars, sounds like the mix was professionally produced. The only thing I feel like was over-done was the opera singing, that is my personall opinion though.

Sounds like you have something good here, keep up the good work!!!
Hey man, thanks for your crit! And now here's yours as per.

Now to start off I have to make it clear I'm not a HUGE hip-hop fan but this is a pretty good tune! The production is done very well as I can't hear anything that needs altering level-wise and you've not gone overboard with effects so good work there .
Looking at the lyrics, I can also say this is a pretty deep song dude and they flow so well (which is of course essential in hip-hop/rap!) and so rhythmically doesn't sound half-arsed.

Pretty sweet track you've got here and that's comign from a non hip-hop fan! Can't think of much else to point out that could be changed as it's more or less flawless in all aspects.