Hey guys. I can't believe it, but I just practically found this little gem lying around and bought it for almost nothing! It's still a little dusty, nothing a little elbow grease can't fix, but all in all it's in good nick apart from one or two minor blemishes. It appears to be produced by a British company and this particular line dates back to about 1981. This is simply a unit that I can't find the words to describe; the previous owner clearly didn't appreciate its worth. I'm still busy looking at the composition of it in more detail, but in the meantime I have a picture of this beauty to share with you all.

cool story bro

Where's Waldo?


No... just no...
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clipz or review

Where's Waldo?

The Rainbow! It's So Beautiful! *cries*

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i think this shouldn't have been posted. lets at least keep it a little normal in this part of the forums, if you wanna be funny go to the pit.
thank you in the name of a lot of UG-ers
was I the only one to find this funny?
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OT Okay that was pretty fucking funny man.
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