any of you guys guide me with some info on what i need to get the sound of the band Skillett(they are awesome by the way). I have a VHT Special 6 with 12" woofer .Epi Dot Studio axe. when a dropped to their tuning with my setup it sound to muddy. What fx do i need to get their sound? any input appreciated.
you need better pickups, those in the dot are not that great. get an EQ pedal so you can make it punchy withoutbeing muddy.
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Mesa Triple Rectifier and PRS Guitars, lol. Skillet is awesome though. I've seen them twice live this past year and I'm going again in October!
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i think an eq pedal would be a bit more benificial then new pups. cause from i understood, it got muddy when you tuned down....so i assume it wasnt muddy in your normal tuning. maybe an overdrive will suit your needs. those tend to tighten up bass quite a bit. anyway, yea my suggestions are EQ or OD
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