A few weeks ago i got poison ivy really bad and am still healing up from it. But more importantly i got it on a mission trip and was playing guitar lots on the trip so for the first 6 or so days of having it (my right arm is the worst) i do believe i got poison ivy on my guitar and thats why my right arm is the worst part. The guitar is an Edwards Les Paul. I have washed it with soap and water as well as used a guitar cleaner/polish that i got at my local music store. I appologize if this is in the wrong thread i didnt really know where its supposed to go so i just posted it here. Im apparently pretty allergic to poison ivy. Its been almost 2 weeks since ive played guitar because im not yet entirely better and im really nervous about starting to play again because the last 3 weeks have been so miserable. If you guys can be of any help to me please do. Thanks so much.
What you really need is a new amp...

Actually, you'll never know until you try it. It is probably clean by now.
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Id say clean it very lightly a few time with some diluted apple cider vinegar. And then put some of that on your poison ivy. Or maybe some tea tree oil. Should take care of it. Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil work wonders
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Put something over that area when you play, if you can. Like a towel.
After you shower, you can no longer transmit a poison ivy rash as the oils are long gone. Even if you scratch the sores and touched someone else, you can't give them it after the poison ivy leaf oil is washed off. If it's all over your hands, you'll likely slow the healing process by playing though. Thoroughly washing the guitar is plenty to ensure that the oils don't remain on the guitar.
There isnt a question of whether or not there was poison ivy oils on the guitar because i played after we worked that night. So i guess ill just clean it more and in a week or so when im all healed ill play and I'll see if that did the trick. Thank yall
Yep i washed it with soap and water and guitar cleaner a few times as well as i havent played it in about 2 weeks