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I'm looking into buying an Epiphone Dot and they seem to be a lovely guitar by all accounts in the reviews I've read, but I was wondering if any of you personally own one and could give me some feedback on it from your own experience. I mostly play Modern Rock like the Strokes, Muse, and stuff in that kind of style so those who play that sort of style as well would be greatly appreciated.

The guitar itself is great, but I don't like the pickups of mine too much, they are sometimes too muddy/bluesy for different kinds of music. I play my Epiphone Dot Studio for about 6 years, still in great shape but I'm thinking about getting other pickups.
Great for Strokes stuff but if you have the cash i would get better pick ups, there's nothing wrong with them but they're are better ones out there than what come standard. Awesome guitars though, great for most types of music, we all got that funk/jazz vibe now and then.
I agree with all of the above.
I also recommend playing a few different dots, as epiphone quality control isn't always brilliant. I played a black dot studio that just played bad, before getting a white one which had a bit of bleed from the black headstock paint, but played so many times better that I didn't care.
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I recommend checking out the ibanez as series, i was planning on buying a dot but found the ibby to be more to my liking.
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Prime candidates for mods - pickups, tuners, electronics etc - because they play well.

This, and very much so. Overall the guitars have a great feel. Better hardware and electronics to boost the sound a bit and to keep it in tune are not only common, but a very good idea. It's important to keep future projects in your budget, remember.
I love mine. I picked it up used. Gave it a setup and through in some 30 dollar pickups from GFS. Black Nickle Fat Pats. Use it for jazz, modern rock, basically everything but metal. I love it.
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So with upgrades such as new tuners, and pickups. Would you have any good suggestions for what i should get put in?

A new nut as well. From what I read the stock one is plastic and of very poor quality.
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