so i thought classical guitar was a style of playing guitar, (which it is) but i didnt know that there guitars that were actually called "classical guitars" what i thought is that it was just using an acoustic but having a classical style. Now the problem is that its not the fact that i dont have the money, cause i actually have a job, but i already bought a flying v lol ( dont regert it ) but im already signed up for classical guitar lessons for this fall and still want to learn. Is it ok if i just get nylon strings for my acoustic so i can use it for classical lessons?

lol side note: do ninth chords have minor-major chords and diminished and all those other fancy chords, or is just domiant major, and minor chords?
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Wow. Spelling and grammatical errors abound! I wouldn't recommend putting nylon strings on your "regular" acoustic.
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as far as ninth chords (and further) go, there are only major, dominant, and minor. all other extended chords are variations on these. B D F A C would most likely be considered Bm7 (b5, b9). i've never heard of it referred to as a diminished ninth.

as far as the guitar goes, i suppose you COULD just put nylon strings on an acoustic guitar, but that's more up to the suggestion of your instructor than you or me.
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no, you couldn't. tension is vastly different between nylon and steel strings.
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putting nylon strings on a regular acoustic means you'll have to change some things - nut and saddle won't fit the fatter strings - and those strings aren't going to wrap the same way. also the guitar will sound terrible. ah, and classical guitars have about a 2" nut, while the most common acoustic nut is only 1 11/16" - and the two sizes feel and play WAY differently.
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....looks like i might have to the cancel the down payment on my flying v then...shoot i was looking forward to that so badly, but classical probably will befit me more anyways, thanks guys lol
it's not a good idea to put nylon strings on a steel stringed acoustic guitar, acoustic and classical guitars have different designs, taking into account tension, string gauge, playability. For instance, classical guitars have way broader fingerboards, an acoustic guitar with nylon strings will lose playability. And that's not even mentioning the sound, those guitars are built to resonate well with steel strings, not nylon, the woods, construction, everything is different man.

So basically, no, it's not a good idea to do that. I recommend you to get hold of a real classical guitar, maybe your teacher has one laying around, ask.


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