I song i made when after i had an operation and were in some real pain haha!
Not finished at all but its a start.

*By screamo i mean bands like Suis La Lune, La Dispute and Pianos Become the Teeth.

truth be told it's a decent piece, I'd have to disagree about the drums though, they fit what seems to be a vocally driven song. Keep up the work, I'd love to hear the finished piece.
Wow, this must be the first song of this genre I've ever seen up here! I thought that what you have so far is great, you should definitely keep everything and continue this...try to throw in some odd rhythms too if you're going to continue it, or just end it with what you have and keep on writing.

I totally expected for you to say something like "screamo as in B4MV and A7X" haha, so what a pleasant surprise.
Sounds kinda cool, it's nice to listen to. I don't see any problem with the drums either. Simple yet effective, and works well with the bass guitar.
Would you look at that, there are a quite a few on here trying to ride The Wave.

I love this, very encompassing and dramatic. The guitars are so wide and straightforward and the potential for Jeremy Bolm-esque vocals is there.

Not much to say, you've delivered something I feel is exactly how you want it to be and that's most important.

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We can only guffaw at all the humbug we are told about martyrs.
For a start, this is good. The chord progression is generic, but with enough variation to it to prevent it from getting boring. The variations are also skillfully implemented, so the song progresses very smoothly. The high melodies are wonderful. Now, where the song progresses after this intro is up to you - I don't know screamo very well so I don't know what to suggest . But you've got something solid right here, that's for sure.

And would you mind critting one of my songs? I uploaded an album a couple of days ago. Maybe you could tell me what you think about Will Rise Again?