I wasn't sure what forum to ask this in, but this is the best candidate.

Now, I do a bit of finger picking, and a whole lot of hybrid picking. Naturally this has led me to grow my nails out on my picking hand, but there's a few problems with this:

1. People look at me funny when they see I have long nails on one hand.
2. They tend to break or wear out, and need upkeep.
3. Using stuff with touch screens is a bitch.
4. The ladies. Yeah.

The obvious answer to this is finger picks, like the Jim Dunlop ones, but the curve that they put on them for some inexplicable reason is quite frankly a bitch, so I can't use them without going Hulk all up in here.

So, I started considering mizrabs. But I thought I'd ask if I anyone here had every used them for guitar (or at all) and whether or not they can be used for all 4 fingers, or are really the best option here.

TL;DR: Mizrabs for guitar. Yay or nay?
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Willies. Fuck the lick and fuck you too.
I play classical guitar and have long nails on one hand. when ppl ask about them i just brag. yeah, i play classical guitar and i need long nails. if they say its gay, ask them if they can play beautiful song for the ladies. i usually come out on top when ppl try to talk shit about my nails.
one real thing that sucks is sometimes, when its sexy time, i accidentally scratch LOL. but lately ive been getting around that by using my left hand more for stuff... playin guitar has my left hand in good condition anyway.
I tried all kinds of finger picks and none ever worked. not even the mizrabs. when i have performances, recitals, juries, etc, i usually go get acrylic nails put on at a nail place so i dont have to worry about breaking one before the big performance.
most girls think my nails are cool anyway. the only couple of girls who didnt like it werent attractive anyway, so who cares what they think about me lol.
as for the touchscreens, i got to the point where i can use them jsut as well as before. i actually have more trouble with buttons now... sometimes ill hit 2 buttons on a keyboard or phone because of them.
When I say it's for guitar people always say "Why don't you use a pick?" and I die a little inside.

But yes, the scratching happened once, and the left was the obvious option, but should it get tired...

But if the mizrabs weren't any good then that's all I needed to hear. I guess I'll soldier on... Cheers.

Any other opinions/thoughts would be greatly appreciated though.
The UG Awards exist only to instill me with existential doubt.

For me, the 60's ended that day in 1978...

Willies. Fuck the lick and fuck you too.
if they try to tell you to use a pick, tell them that sometimes you gotta hit 2 strings that arent next to eachother and thats impossible with a pick.
Play them some spanish classical stuff, they will proceed to drop their pants and never question long nails again.

But yeah, I can't stand having my nails very long. It makes my job difficult and I hate having to touch things with my fingerpicking hand while they're long. So I am also waiting for an answer on this one.
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