Hi all,

Pretty happy with myself after finally conquering most of the parts for Glasgow Kiss by Petrucci, it's let me know that i am on the right track.

I played acoustic for a while, when I discovered Petrucci a couple of years back after hearing this song it inspired me to get an electric and develop some technique, so to play it is a good personal sign that i am on the right track with where i wanna go.

What other stuff have you guys been stoked to play, and used as a guide that you're progressing well?
When, after a long period of metronome grinding, you get a song up to its original speed! I've just conquered the 8th note triplets in Skin O My Teeth, by Megadeth. They're at 190bpm, but I can do it!
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My summer goals for songs to get done before school to start where to
Finishing learn Change of Seasons by Dream Theater
and Holy Wars by Megadeth

Got Change of Seasons down for the most part, and got to get Holy Wars up to speed.
But makes me feel proud I got them down

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Pretty much anything from Protest the Hero makes me feel ridiculously accomplished when I can play it with the record.
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